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Singer Audition Information 2018-19

Arts Management Services
welcomes the opportunity to listen to unmanaged singers and those who are seeking new management. Auditions are arranged by appointment only. Please, Do NOT send You-Tube links and expect a response. If you are currently under management, you will need to provide AMS with a copy of the letter notifying your current management that you have terminated your relationship with them before we will entertain a submission from you.

While we value the challenges and opportunities of nurturing artists at the beginning of their careers, we also need to keep a balanced roster with artists who are more experienced and have a proven track record with professional engagements. Our philosophy is to work with the individual. We want to ensure that we have adequate time to give to any new artist before beginning a relationship with that artist. At this point, we do not have enough personnel to provide any services to those artists who have had no performing experience outside of the academic world. For artists from foreign countries, you must have had international experience before we would consider any type of representation.

Although we always appreciate good voices, we have particular interest in specific some specific voice types: soprano - spinto; mezzo-soprano - dramatic; tenor - lyric and character; baritone - lyric and spinto; bass-baritone and bass - all types.

In order to be considered, here is what you need to include:
  • A cover letter/email explaining what it is you want. Don’t just send materials without stating up front what your expectations are from us and what you have to offer.
  • Résumé, in reverse chronological order. Dates (month/year) of performances are important. Be sure to also indicate where the performance took place, the conductor and director. Include future engagements as well.
  • Biography - No more than 3 to 4 paragraphs in narrative form. Please scan your photo in at the top of this document.
  • Work sample - At least 4 to 5 selections and they need to have been recorded in the last six months. It is always good to include at least one selection from an oratorio or orchestral work. Please give name of aria and name of the work from which it comes and include only arias from the major part of the repertory.
  • A short narrative from you about what is compelling you towards a professional career as a singer. This can be as short as two or three paragraphs.
  • All materials need to be clearly marked with your name, voice type and any other contact information that you want us to have.
Electronic submissions will be accepted, provided that all of the above information is a part of your submission. Please, do NOT direct us to YouTube postings with sound that is not good quality.

Should you have questions prior to sending materials, our email address is <>.

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