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This book “UnAfraid, UnFrazzled & UnFrogettable”, was conceived to diffuse fears related to speaking in public. The creation of Freddie the Frog, the loveable and all-too-human Amphibian Coach, provides a practical guide to overcoming anxiety associated with public speaking, Freddie delivers a comprehensive, structured map of how to get there and allows the reader to conquer any doubts of standing before audiences of any size. Most important of all is that this subject is dealt with humour and wit, with the ability to reach even the most reluctant public speakers into realizing their full potential.

Often, books dealing with this subject can be very esoteric and technical. What the authors have created is an atmosphere in which any reader, at any point in life, will be able to grasp and understand the incremental steps to being comfortable in front of audiences, both large and small. Their goal is to help people achieve their potential in business, performing, presenting and public speaking. Based on their years of personal experience in the theatre, broadcast media, business and education, they are eager to share their unique perspectives and offer their readers an effective compilation of tips and techniques for dealing with stage fright and the fear of public speaking.

Described are various therapeutic approaches used by high-performance coaches, human-potential leaders and mental health professionals in overcoming self-limiting phobias, fears and anxieties. Helpful suggestions are offered to discover, improve and strengthen your voice. Elements of structure and preparation are outlined that go into crafting a speech. Readers are shown how to analyze audiences and elicit appropriate reactions from them. Throughout this book, readers are offered plenty of speech-making tips and practical pointers. And, included are the avoidance of pitfalls when appearing in public, giving a presentation or making a speech.

Knowing that there are many other excellent books on this particular subject, a recommended reading list for additional research is also included.

About the Authors
In this concise guidebook, co-authors Leila Witkin and Barbara Eubanks have combined their extensive backgrounds in the theater, opera and television and their hands-on experience as respected coaches on both sides of the pond.
An award-winning director and television producer in South Africa,
Leila Witkin has worked with individuals, groups and corporations on three continents as an executive and personal coach. She lives in London and is a member of the UK Professional Speakers Association. In 2011 she was short-listed for the APCTC Specialist Coach of the Year Award.
A lifetime member of the New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA), Barbara Eubanks has performed leading roles in opera and musical theater and taught vocal technique at the Manhattan School of Music and privately in New York City. Her students have performed in regional opera and music theater, on Broadway and at the Metropolitan Opera.

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