Lake Tahoe Summer Music Festival
Young Professionals Orchestra
Timm Rolek, Music Director and Conductor

Program Overview

Originally formed in 2009 as the Academy Orchestra, the Young Professionals Orchestra is a part of the Lake Tahoe Music Festival. This orchestra is comprised of young, skilled musicians, from ages 21 to 27. It made its first appearance as a part of the Take Tahoe Music Festival’s educational outreach initiatives in 2010. It is not a tuition-based program. The musicians that comprise this orchestra are paid a weekly rate, similar to the model used at the New World Symphony. This is, however, a multi-leveled plan consisting of professional training and a series of public concerts. An important part of the orchestra’s curriculum is the local educational outreach component. The Young Professionals Orchestra experience seeks to provide these musicians with “real life” training by working with already established professional orchestra musicians, soloists and conductors.

Announcement about Summer 2018 will be posted in March 2018. However, the week of the festival will be 19-26 August 2018. Complete details about programs are contained on the Tahoe Summer Music Festival website: <>.

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