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Company Philosophy - Where We Are Today

Welcome to Arts Management Services. In order for you to get to know us, we would like to tell you a bit about the company, about the managing director, what we like, what works best for us and how we will be able to work with you towards building your career in whatever discipline you are pursuing.

Where we are today: Since 1991, the world of business has changed tremendously. In fact, we simply do not do business in the same way at all compared to then, even in the artist management business. How would we survive today without email and the internet? and yet, when we began, neither of those was available to us. We are proud of our ability to adapt to the times, something that has hopefully set us apart from other artist management agencies who have been established much longer. Although originally referred to as a “boutique” agency and really resenting that term, it is now with great pleasure that we say “yes” we are a boutique agency and we embrace that as a very positive term, especially in what it means for the artists that we represent.

Arts Management Services works with the total artist, from developing good promotional materials, advising on repertoire and career decisions, to keeping a steady presence for the artists, represented by us, in the minds of those who make the hiring decisions. And, that only can happen when an artist works with a management company that actually makes phone calls and takes an active role in promoting the career of the artists represented by that agency.

Are you the right fit for this agency? Only time and talking will tell. You may refer to the page on Artist Submissions for more information regarding that subject. Do we charge for our services? Absolutely, but only in a very marginal way and only until the artist is generating enough revenue to offset the costs involved with that representation. If we actually arrive at that point in our conversation concerning costs, everything about commissions and percentages along with monthly expenses will be disclosed prior to reaching any kind of management agreement. Do we chase contracts? Absolutely not! Yes, when the artist is paid, the agency receives a commission and it becomes a “win-win” for both sides. But there is much to be done before a contract is even offered. Are you ready to make that commitment of time for your career to move forward? Only you, the artist, can ultimately make that decision. The relationship between artist and manager is a very personal one even though it is for professional reasons. Remember, not all artist managers are a “fit” for all artists.

Even if
Arts Management Services is not the right agency for you, perhaps these few words have been enlightening regarding the process of management and representation. Whatever your decision might be, we wish you all the best with your career choices.